Blokk is a conceptual tool company made to fill  a gap inthe market for tool products that were user-friendly for novices. The products had to stand out on the shelves from other power tool brands by being less intimidating to consumers and more more accessible and inviting to beginners. The branding centered around developing a clear graphic […]

Silverton Mountain

Silverton Mountain in Colorado is an advanced and expert skier and rider only mountain. The goal behind this website redesign was to create a cohesive brand identity for Silverton that would reposition themselves as the best destination for advanced skiiers. The navigation is positioned vertically to create a more dynamic interface and the use of […]


Support-A-Creator is an Epic Games program designed to reward content creators across the Epic ecosystem, including Fortnite Creative Island Creators who build fun, engaging experiences for Fortnite players. For this project, we were tasked with creating a central hub where users engaging in this program could access all their information, from audience statistics to the […]

Odd Talk

Ganser is a post-punk band based in Chicago and ‘Odd Talk’ is their debut album, released in April of 2018. The reimagining of their album design comes from the origins of the band name. Ganser syndrome is a dissociative disorder that includes such symptoms as fugue, amnesia and nonsensical thoughts and so the band describes […]


The idea behind this publications is MESS – how to make them, how to clean them up, and how to embrace them. Dis.order is rooted in exploration and creativity. It provides a unique perspective into the roles chaos and order play in our lives and speaks to an audience that values experiences that feel authentic […]

New Masters

Creative Capital is a nonprofit organization that supports the work of forward-thinking artists across the United States through funding and career development services. In an effort to reach young students currently pursuing a degree in the arts, Creative Capital will expand their services to provide university art departments across the country with the resources to help […]