Less confident home cooks need more help from the community to find new meal ideas and learn new skills in the kitchen. Shared Kitchen is a concept for a community cooking app that will encourage less experienced cooks to learn more about cooking and become more confident in the kitchen by connect new or less experienced cooks with people who have recipes and skills to share. The app design features simple vector illustrations and an appetizing colorway to create a friendly environment that encourages users to collaborate.


After opening and logging into Shared Kitchen, your homepage populates with a personalized recipe feed.


  • View popular recipes
  • Search for specific meals
  • Filter recipe categories

Recipe page

Individual recipe pages feature three distinct tabs to better organize and condense the information.


  • ‘Save’ button
  • Add ingredients to grocery list
  • Link to direct message author
  • View + follow other users’ profiles

Add a recipe

Users can add their own recipes by clicking the ‘+’ button at the bottom of. the screen. After, fill out the information fields by adding directions, ingredients, and photos. 


  • Add ingredients + directions
  • Include photos from camera roll
  • Preview recipe before posting it to your profile

grocery list

Add or remove items from your grocery list. Adjust quantities and check off items while shopping.

saved recipes

View your saved recipes and share them with friends on and off the app.

in-app chat

Message and video call other users in the app.